Hong Kong Campaign Celebration

Thursday 16th November 2023

Over 50 OMs and current, former and prospective parents gathered at the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club to welcome the Master, Louise Moelwyn-Hughes, to Hong Kong for her first visit in four years.

The Master was introduced by affiliated Club Secretary Hock Chua (B1 1978-82), with the splendid backdrop of the HK waterfront. She gave an update on life at Marlborough and outlined her vision for the future of the College. She also thanked those who had supported the Marlborough Difference Campaign, and explained why she thought widening access by providing more life transforming bursaries to talented and motivated young people was so important.

The Master launched the Hong Kong Community bursary, thanking members of the Hong Kong Development Committee for putting up 50% of the cost of the bursary (£100,000) in matched funding, so any gift made will be doubled. Current parent Matthew Moskey spoke after, explaining why he had chosen to support the Campaign. Matthew and his wife Jodie were also thanked for sponsoring the reception.

All in all, it was a lovely evening. If you want to find out more about the Hong Kong Community Bursary please email development@marlboroughcollege.org