The Campaign

The Marlborough Difference Campaign aims to dramatically increase the number of full bursary places to 100, so that 10% of pupils will receive a free education at Marlborough by 2033.

Bursaries at Marlborough transform the lives of motivated and talented young people by providing them with the opportunities, environment, and support to excel. A more inclusive and diverse Marlborough community in which bursary pupils are fully integrated will be transformative for the College and increase the positive impact we make. Every pupil will benefit from better preparation for their future careers, the experience of broader perspectives, and the inspiration to achieve more.

To reach our goal of 100 free places, we need to raise £75 million which will fund a combination of both the bursary endowment and current pupil bursaries. 

Message from the Master

My secondary school in Northern Ireland, where I had a free place, was the difference for me. My parents could never have afforded the education I received and so this rare opportunity was life-changing. The academic rigour and the co-curricular activities at the school were just incredible and I owe a huge amount to the teachers who encouraged and opened doors for me. My time at school set me up for just about everything that was to follow: studying at Cambridge, teaching at Marlborough, and then returning to Marlborough as Master. None of this would have happened without this life-changing opportunity.

That is why providing that same opportunity at Marlborough to talented and motivated young people from financially disadvantaged backgrounds is so important to me. And that is also why I am so passionate about the Marlborough Difference Campaign succeeding. Being able to offer 100 children, 10% of our pupil cohort, a free place here will be a fantastic achievement for the College, and I am incredibly grateful to all those wonderful donors who have supported us this far.

I believe very strongly that the journey we are embarking upon will be the most important transformation for Marlborough since co-education back in 1968. Whether by donating or volunteering, I hope many Old Marlburians and parents will partner with us to make a positive difference – to the recipients, to our College, and to society as a whole.

Thank you to those who have supported bursaries in the past, for which we are extremely grateful. The brilliance, passion and determination of our existing bursary recipients, both in their contributions as pupils and as Old Marlburians now compels all of us to do more.

Louise Moelwyn-Hughes