Nadia Hassan


Born to a family forced to flee. Raised in a deprived borough. Determined to achieve. Driven to make the most of the chance your bursary gave me. Now at Oxford University and already using my experience to help others. I am the difference Marlborough makes.


Small-town upbringing, big-world mindset. While parents finish their NHS shifts, homework is completed in waiting rooms. An unquenchable curiosity, burning with questions. The bursary that sets potential alight. Determined to help others. Instilled with the confidence to become a surgeon. This is the difference Marlborough makes.
Poppy McGhee


A loving home, but no funds for lessons. A scholarship earned. Teachers and classmates who inspire. The chance to grown, to excel. National awards. A talent that couldn’t be lost. A passion that won’t be stopped. This is the difference Marlborough makes.


A passion for sports, but ready for more. The parent who sees a champion. An emerging talent embraced by a Rugby bursary. Nurtured by training like never before. With teammates and coaches who push. His own personality shining brighter with every match. This is the difference Marlborough makes.

Austin and Lawrence

Seen as ‘the twins’, both were overlooked. Two bursaries for individual talents. Trying things apart they never would together. Discovering their own identities. The sportsman and the CCF cadet. Now they hear their own names cheered. This is the difference Marlborough makes.
Austin and Lawrence


Age 14. A pivotal time. Thrown into flux by a father lost too soon. The bursary that offered a lifeline. A chance to grow friendships, knowledge, and networks. To thrive in a familiar environment. somewhere to be himself. Someone whose ultimate success would be paying the opportunity forward. This is the difference Marlborough makes.


Born abroad. Moved between barracks. Being the new boy is nothing new. With a sports bursary, comes camaraderie. Endless first days traded for life-long friends. A Boarding House full of happy memories. Not just boarding, but belonging. This is the difference Marlborough makes.