Become a Bursary Futures Volunteer

The Marlburian community has a strong history of supporting each other and the Marlburian Club has received many offers from Old Marlburians, as has the Guidance department from parents. Pupils benefit from OMs and parents coming back to College to give careers talks which can help to inspire them and could guide them to take a path previously unthought of.

Bursary pupils may require a little bit more support. Many won’t be used to having a network such as the one the Marlburian Club offers, and their needs will be different. We are therefore asking the Marlburian community to become a Bursary Futures Volunteer and help bursary recipients during their time at the College and as Old Marlburians.

Bursary Futures Volunteers can give their time in a number of different ways:

  • Help bursary recipients understand their career choices and provide practical experience.
  • Provide information on what it is like to study at your university or work at your organisation.
  • Provide internships or work experience for current or former bursary recipients.
  • Become a mentor to them at different stages of their life.

We know Old Marlburians are very keen to get involved and thank you to those who have already offered their time. We also offer this level of support to non-bursary recipients, too, and we keep details of all offers received for when the right pupil requires help.

Please be aware that working with current pupils is complex and we take the safety of our pupils seriously. As such, the College follows national safeguarding guidelines which requires all volunteering contact between pupils and volunteers to be monitored and/or for volunteers to have undergone DBS checks.