Foundation funds new position Head of Bursary Welfare

Monday 11th December 2023

The College will be employing a ‘Head of Bursary Welfare’ – a new role providing extra support within our exceptional pastoral care system. The holder will oversee the journey for a bursary pupil and their families, offering transitional support for the pupils as they start at Marlborough, and giving them additional pastoral support throughout their time here.

This role is uncommon in the UK, but the College believes having one person dedicated to overseeing our bursary pupils throughout their connection with the College will provide important continuity of support and help ensure the Marlborough Difference campaign is the success we intend it to be.

The number of pupils on full bursaries is growing quickly, thanks to the donors who are supporting the campaign. In 2018 there were 12; today there are 44; in 2033 there will be 100. This new post, which is fully funded by the Foundation, will provide the additional support for this fast-growing and highly-valued cohort of our pupils.