Marlborough Difference Campaign Callers

Friday 20th October 2023

Since the launch in April, the Marlborough Difference Campaign has had a significant impact on the Marlborough community and has served as a source of inspiration for many. Whether it’s through volunteering, donating, or simply spreading the word, thank you for being so supportive of this important transformation for the school that we love so much.

A team of callers who are passionate about the Campaign, and we will be reaching out to OMs and Parents to provide regular updates about the College’s progress as well as keeping you informed about how your continued support can make a difference.

Some of the callers received a bursary, and others have close friends who were on a bursary. They all care deeply about creating 100 free places at Marlborough. Our Callers are:

  • Finn Taylor (BH 2014-2019)
  • Henry Adamson (LI 2016-20)
  • Ollie England (CO 2018-20)
  • Emily Blundell (DA 2019-21)
  • Will Callaghan (B1 2020-22)
  • Fran Strand (SU 2020-22)

We hope you enjoy your call, but if you prefer not to receive a call, please let us know by emailing the Development Office.

Frequently Asked Questions

The team of Campaign Callers are all former pupils of Marlborough College (Old Marlburians) who are passionate about the Marlborough Difference Campaign. Some of them received a bursary, and others have close friends who were on a bursary. All callers are employed and trained by Marlborough College and receive an hourly rate of pay.  They do not work on commission. You can read more about our Callers here.

We are grateful to those who choose to make a gift during their call. It is quick and easy to make your gift over the phone. Our Callers can transfer you to a line to make a single gift using your telephone keypad or you can set up paperless direct debits for regular gifts.

Calling will take place on weekday evenings and weekends.

Calls will show as a Marlborough College phone number and one of our 6 callers will introduce themselves. If you are worried that the call might not be genuinely from the College, please contact the Development Office who will be able to reschedule your call.